Stephens Kids

Stephens Kids
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

School Starts

Brennley started 1st Grade this year! Our big 6year old! She loved school shopping. She is blessed to have so many hand-me-downs, that we didn't need a whole lot of clothes. We just needed a new 1st day outfit and this was the best! McKay and Lucy usually screamed and cried, but Brenn could shop ALL day! She picked this shirt out at Ross because it came with a necklace and looks like it has a separate shirt on top. 

I thought it would be easier sending Brennley to 1st grade, since we had already been through this last year. I also thought we had a long, fun, summer together and it would be nice to focus on McKay and Lucy. But, it was not easy!! I hate leaving her. She is my best friend! All summer, we hung out and chatted. And, now.....she is gone all day long. I know she will do great.
A week or so after Brennley started school, McKay started a little Joy School. He was thrilled!! He kept saying he was a big school boy!
Lucy and I will miss our big school boy! He goes once a week for two hours. 

I love you McKay! You are a great boy!

Last of our SUMMER FUN

We made the most of our summer having Brennley home. The kids loving doing everything together. Usually Brennley would convince everyone to dress up and McKay and Lucy love playing with big sister, so they go along. 
Lucy started Nursery in July. Pat and I were going with her and helping out a little bit. She was really clinging at first, but after a few months, she just cries for a minute and then loves it.
Lucy moved into the bunk bed with Brennley!! She is only 18 months, but we thought she would do great. She loves sharing a room with Brennley. Each night, she will point to the top bunk and say, "Breeey" (Brennley). She is such a big girl!
Enjoying a picnic lunch with the sprinkler! 
In July, we were given a fish tank with two goldfish. The kids loved it! They lasted a few months and then we replaced them a few times and they kept going belly up. So, I guess we are not ready for animals. 
Best buds :)
Pretty Stephens Sisters, all ready for church! Brennley is very fashionable and picks her styles and hair-dos very carefully. She is trendy and I have no idea where she got that from! Maybe her Aunt Laura!
We loved playing in the pool this summer. Brennley would help fill up water balloons at the garden hose. 
Yummy cuppycakes!
Lucy woke up around midnight one night fussing. I thought her swollen mosquito bites might have been hurting her. So, I brought her downstairs to get some medicine. She asked for milk, water, and to eat. She ate a banana and drank a whole cup of milk and some sips of water. She was giggling and loving being awake. She is so adorable!
Even Dad enjoyed the summer pool fun.
Lucy loves playing with McKay and has really gotten into super heros. She says, "Ahh-Ahh" In the tune of "Batman"! 
When Mom and Dad have a date night, the kids usually have a fun kid meal and sometimes watch a movie with their dinner. So FUN!
We made a trip to Six Flags during the week, just soaking up every minute of fun with Brennley. I sure love my Brennley bear! She is a great helper!
Looking at pictures with Daddy. And yes, McKay has underwear on top of his clothes - just like a true super hero. But, he does not enjoy the spot light, she he turned away. 
Dad had a soda and the kids were cracking up over who would get a drink. They kept leaning in and laughing.
Oh yes, that is our Fancy Brennley. One of her friends had a "Tea Party", so they all got dressed up and enjoyed a fancy party. 
Choo-Choo! McKay is running the train through the town. 
The week before Brennley's school started, Dad had a charity golf tournament he was volunteering at and Brennley was able to go and help. They took pictures of the golfers and enjoyed the day together. Brennley was the highlight for many of the golfers who passed by. 
One last trip to Six Flags, we spent the whole day there the Saturday before school started. This was how Brennley wanted to play before she went back to school. We had so much fun!

Friday, September 12, 2014

California Part 2

 Bedtime stories with sweet Aunt Kelly
 McKay helping Dad fix a plumbing problem at the cabin.
 Fishing might have been Brennley's favorite activity at Pinecrest. I am sure it is because she got all of Dad's attention. She loves her time with Dad!
 Caught another one :)
 McKay and Paisley threw rocks together one afternoon and were so sweet with each other. 
 We love our Grammy!
 Lunch at the lake
 Cousin time
 Crazy cousins
 Patiently waiting for the line to move
 Lucy loved pulling my sunglasses off of me and putting them on. I kept forgetting to bring hers down to the lake. Silly girl.
 Hiking around the beautiful lake as a family! 
 Grammy was so kind to watch all of the grandkids while we had a date night, Thanks Grammy!
 Cute brothers and sister
 Me and my man. I am so blessed to have Pat as my husband! I just wish summer would last forever and we could continue to have amazing road trips!
 Pie in the Sky was closed :(  so we found a different pizza place. It was very yummy.
 Making a trip to the ice cream shack.
 Even after the long, hot walk, and dropping ice cream in the sand, we still enjoyed our ice cream together.
 Pirates...ARGH! Sorry sweet Lucy, I think you were ready for bed a little early tonight. 
 The cousins had a fun treasure hunt as pirates around the cabin and found glow sticks and little poppers.
 Brennley is growing up now... I love this picture! She wants to be apart of adult conversations and do what mom and dad are doing.
 Stephens kids on the relaxation station
 For some reason, McKay loved wrestling with Aunt Kelly Jo. She was so fun with the kids and always ready for a batman fight. 
 One of the main reasons we went to California was because Taylor turned 12 and was receiving the Aaronic Priesthood. This is a great day for Taylor and the Wards and we were so blessed to be a part of it. Thanks for sharing this special day Matt & Kelly. Taylor is an awesome young man - so patient, loving, kind, obedient, and FUN!
Our travels around the nation have worn out the kids once again. We are so blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy children whom we adore!