Stephens Kids

Stephens Kids
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Friday, August 8, 2014

California July 2014 - Part 1

Oh my goodness, can you believe it? We got home from our road trip to Tennessee and less than two weeks later we are hopping in the car again to drive all the way to California with three kids!! Yahoo!
A little splash in the pool after driving for 26 hours.
Thanks Aunt Kelly Jo for the Honda rides.
Nothing better than waking up on Texas time in California, especially after being awake for a super long drive. There is too much to wake up for!
Saturday morning doughnuts. 
Thanks Uncle Nick for letting us take rides on your motorcycle. So FUN!

We headed up to Pinecrest on Saturday afternoon and prepared for one amazing week.
Precious peanut
Ice cream night! I love vacation because we PLAY nonstop! 
Hike up Carl's Ski Hill

Stephens Kids

Strike a pose
Ahhh...Pat and his momma enjoying Pinecrest Lake.
Our kids! My everything! I love these three children soooo much! I loved watching them enjoy the freedoms of Pinecrest and playing in the sand all day. Pure Joy!
Night-time snuggles
Our children sleep so well on vacation because they are completely exhausted. 
Good morning! Breakfast time.
Snack time
One morning Brennley and McKay woke up and went fishing with Dad.
Lucy really loves Grammy Stephens. 
Matching hair
Powell Lake hike
The crew (minus Brennley and me, Brenn got sick that morning)
Super dad took McKay and Lucy, carrying Lucy on his Back for the long hike. 

Sleepy girl
Taylor and Pat jumping into the cold water
Our big boy! He hiked so much on this vacation. His legs were worn out. Thanks to all the family who took turns carrying McKay.
Beautiful day, beautiful hike. 

Tennessee Part 2 Fall Creek Falls

We have had one of the most exciting summers of our entire lives!! We have traveled to see all of our family and played so much! Living my dream! We have a ton of pictures to share our trip, so enjoy!
Grandma helping McKay when he cut his foot playing outside.
We love every second with Grandma and Grandpa.
Pat rocking the family kickball game.
I love seeing my momma playing! She is so much fun, she played kickball with the grandkids!
Matching braids!
That is our handsome boy!!
We must have played too hard for Lucy!
Brenn was one of the brave ones to swim in the ice cold water! She makes me so proud!
Muscles! Brennley is my strong girl!

Uncle Don and McKay having a man to man talk.
Enjoy the scenery at the cascades. 
We went to this waterfall twice on our trip and both times it started sunny and beautiful and then we got rained out. :(
Hanging out with the family.
McKay playing bean bag toss with Grandma. It amazes me that with 40 grandkids, my momma can still find time to spend with each child. That is one amazing woman!
Hiking the cable trail. This was a really neat hike. You drop straight down the side of a mountain and hang on to the cable to be safe. 
This is what you find at the bottom of the trail, a beautiful waterfall and a fun time with cousins. 
The in-laws having a good laugh.
Brennley is one tough girl! She is getting ready for the strong man competition and trying to pysch out the competitors. 
Oh Joshua! WOW! One studly, craxy boy! You never know what is next with Josh! 
Box jumps with my super fit sista!
Brennley did the most push-ups in one minute for the girls! Yeah-yeah! That is my girl! I think she did 42 push-ups! She is strong! 
We were able to welcome Elder Andrew Lifferth home from his mission! What a neat experience. 
Another fun hike. We hiked up the fire tower to see the view. 

Too much fun can wipe this little munchkin out! McKay cannot skip his naps, or else he falls asleep on his dinner plate. Even when his dinner plate is full of cheetos, really?!?!
Grandpa Lifferth and Lucy! After about 5 days, she started to warm up to Grandpa. 
Brother DAN!!! We are so happy Dan surprised us and made it to Fall Creek Falls.
We love our Kaela.
Night time hang out.

Julie and Lolo, so beautiful!
My sista!
I love my sleepy daddy!
Uh-oh, it's ping-pong time! Watch out for Grandma, she is a fierce competitor. 
the boys
the girls
That's my momma - amazing again. She let us convince her to wear this cooky outfit and ride around on a scooter for all to see. What a fun Grandma!
Lucy bear
My immediate family
Just the girls
Grandpa and Grandma with the in-laws
Grandpa and Grandma with their kids and spouses
Woo-woo kissey time
Our family tree

Lucy finally let Uncle Don hold her. 
The whole crew! WOW!
Grandpa and Grandma with their grandchildren

I am so blessed to have a mom and dad who decided to be adventurous and completely crazy and have ten children. I absolutely love my family and love having so many talented, loving, and fun friends to be around! *FCF 2014*