Stephens Kids

Stephens Kids
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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Welcome to Tennessee & Happy Birthday Pat!

 We wanted to make our drive to Tennessee fun, so we stopped halfway at a hotel. We made sure it had an indoor pool, but I guess you have to confirm if the pool is heated or not. It was FREEZING COLD! The kids were so positive and we had a ton of fun. We swam, shivered through a hot showered and snuggled up in warm jammies and a cozy bed!  
 One of our very first mornings in Tennessee, we had snow! Lucy had never seen snow, so first thing in the morning, Grandpa walked outside without shoes and grabbed a handful off of the car to bring to Lucy. So adorable! We are so blessed to be living with Grandma and Grandpa while we close on our home. Our children are getting spoiled with Grandma & Grandpa's attention - this is such a special time for us.   
 Reading stories with Grandma. 
 Most mornings, Grandpa will ask for the color guard to raise the flag, our kids love it!
 The other greatest thing about living at Grandpa's house is UNCLE JOSH! Josh is such a party!  
 "Oh once I had a little dog......." Lucy listening to Grandpa's famous songs.
 Snow day!  
 Reading books with Uncle Josh.
 I am amazed at how well Brennley, McKay, and Lucy are doing, They are sharing a bed until we move into our home. They are handling the temporary living so well. 
 "Rock a baby"
 Happy Birthday Pat! 
 We celebrated with some yummy clam chowder and of course German Chocolate Cake. We love you Pat! You are great for bringing us closer to family!
We also enjoyed a fun night out to dinner with brothers and sisters to celebrate Pat's birthday! It is so nice to be home and close to family! SO FUN! 

Lucy Turns 2 and Saying Goodbye to Texas

 We were so looking forward to Lucy's birthday! She kept saying, "No Brenny day, Lucy day!" We had looked at Brennley and McKay's birthday pictures and Lucy was so excited to celebrate herself!
 Lucy picked out funfetti cake with blue frosting. We went to the park with some great friends and enjoyed the ccccccold! 
 Lucy loves Nia! She talked about her all morning and was so excited to play with her at the park. 
 Lucy May has been a bright ray of sunshine in our lives! She is getting so much personality right now and changing everyday. She is quick to apologize and is full of love! Her vocabulary grows daily as well. She knows what she wants and is very smart! At the library she picked up two square books and said, "Same size". Wow! I love my sweet Lucy!
 Lucy's birthday morning, she opened presents from the family. We also met dad at McDonalds for some yummy chicken nuggets. She loves the playground, especially with her big brother McKay!

 Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy!
 Moving Day! The movers came and packed up the furniture and big items on January 8th. Our home was empty by that night. Thanks to nice neighbors, we had a table and chairs for eating on, other than that we enjoyed our blow up mattress and a friend's plug in cooler. It was an adventure "camping out" in our empty home.
 We wanted to attend our church one last time, to say goodbyes. We will miss our Texas ward family so much! Our children had great primary teachers and we had amazing friends.
 This ward brought a whole new meaning to the term 'ward family'.  It was truly a family!
This was the morning that we drove away. It is so sad to say goodbye, but exciting to look forward to new adventures. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas FUN!

 Having a big brother is SO FUN! 
 Making a gingerbread house. This is my FAVORITE picture!!
 Lucy loves her brother and sister so much. It is so precious!
 We made sugar cookies and Brennley and McKay said this is the best part about Christmas.
 Brennley had her Christmas program and rocked it! She smiled so big and sang her best. I love watching her perform - she shines!
 Pat and I were able to go to his Christmas work party and it was so nice. The date nights we get are treasured!
 Our Christmas tradition is to read the story of Christ's birth first thing Christmas morning. The kids were so patient, I guess if this is all they know - it is easy. 
 Christmas morning is so magical. It always was for me as a child and I hope my children will experience that every year too. I have a special place in my heart for Christmas magic and Santa, I know it sounds silly. 
 Lucy was so excited that Santa brought her "mo treat". She got a stocking full of fruit snacks and loved eating them all day long. 

 I love when McKay will smile for the camera.
We love movie night with DAD!! 

November & Thanksgiving

 Brennley competed in a fun run at school and did amazing!! She ran one lap past the maximum laps set for them! And she danced the whole time the next group ran. She is such a happy girl.
 We were so lucky to have Grammy Stephens at our home for Thanksgiving. We went out to Bass Pro Shop on Saturday morning since it was a rainy day. 
 The kids were excited to see Santa at  Bass Pro Shop. Lucy was not quite sure about Santa yet. 
 While Grammy was here, we went bowling. Brennley and McKay loved helping Lucy bowl. Lucy was adorable. She would push the ball down the little dragon and then watch and point as the ball very slowly rolled down the lane. 
 Strike a pose :)

 Happy Turkey Day!! We love Thanksgiving!
 We had so much fun with our neighbors and the Elders enjoying our Thanksgiving meal. We are so blessed! I truly love my life! I have the most amazing husband - strong, hard-working, protective, caring, and SO FUN. I have 3 amazing children who make me smile everyday. I am blessed to know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and through Him I can return to live with my Heavenly Father someday! This life is full of JOY!
 We wanted Grammy to experience Six Flags while she was here.
 We enjoyed all of the fun Holiday in the Park activities, like "ice skating". The kids were thrilled, even though it was not really skating. 
 Flying planes with Grammy.
Even though he doesn't always show it, especially in this picture, McKay LOVES being with DAD!!