Stephens Kids

Stephens Kids
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Road Trip to UTAH

 Grandma & Grandpa Lifferth invited us to ride along with them on a very long road trip to Utah for tons of fun and to see Brent and Kaylie get married.  It was awesome! Had to make a quick potty stop and grab some ice cream cones along the way. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for the adventurous trip and all the help with my four kiddos.
 On the way out to Utah, we stopped in Hays, Kansas for a few hours of rest and a great breakfast. 
 On our first day in Utah, Grandpa offered to hike up the mountain with my kids. He is truly amazing. He had just driven across the country and was completely exhausted, but that didn't stop him from creating some fun memories with the grandkids. 
 Enjoying the swing at Aunt Ya-Ya and Uncle Don's house.

 Laura begged to hold Hally the whole time we were there. She just wanted to sit and snuggle as much as possible. Hally loved every second of it.
 Cousin David meeting Hally for the first time. 
 Mikaela is the BEST! She had a makeover night with the girls, which is one of Brennley's most favorite things to do. Kaela even let Brenn put mascara on her. Kaela is so brave and super fun!
 Lucy was really excited! Hahaha
 These are the best parents ever! I can't believe how much they do.
 This was McKay's most favorite thing to do in Utah. He would ask quite frequently if David would box with him. Then, if it they were eating, there was always a little competition on who would eat more and be stronger for their next fight.
 *National Hot Dog Day* We celebrated by enjoying some delicious JDawgs in Provo. 
 They had free watermelon for the special day and I guess it was really juicy!
 One of the funnest part about the trip was staying at Don & Laura's with the Zurawski Family. The kids got to play so much. The girls wanted to perform a mermaid dance for us. They are so cute!
 Race Day! Pioneer Day! Shauna's Birthday!
 For July 24th, we ran the Temple to Temple Run in Provo. We started at the original Provo Temple and slowly walked all the way to the brand new Provo Temple. 
 I loved being in Utah with my kids, but I really wish Pat could have been there too. I was quite emotional seeing so many memorable places. It was so cool to show these special places to our kids.
 With all of these kids, we had to get creative on how to walk three miles. Thanks for all of the help guys!
We finished! 
 The new Provo Temple. It is beautiful. Brennley said it looks like a castle.

 On to the next activity for the day.....SHAUNA's Birthday Party! And, any party at Laura's house is no small ordeal! We had so much fun! Cotton candy all over, slip n slidin', bounce house, great food, water balloons, and most important, great family!
 Uncle Don was so nice to take us for a ride in the Razor. McKay got to ride in the front and he was amazed. After this ride, McKay would come out the front door and stare at the Razor. He really enjoyed it.
 Aunt Shauna gave the girls beautiful braids. She is so talented. 
 More Hally snuggles. This was such a fun filled day, we were all exhausted/ 
 But wait.....we have a little energy left for some facials!
 Uncle Don and Lucy. Lucy loved Uncle Don and would run and give him bug hugs every time she saw him, 
 We loved going to the Reservoir. This little lake a few miles from the Gages was so beautiful. It is surrounded by the beautiful Springville mountains and the kids loved playing in the sand for hours. 
 We spent a fun morning at BYU. Thanks Kaela for going with us to help out. 
This was the exact bench I was sitting on when I saw Pat for the very first time! I was sitting there in flip flops waiting for Geology 101 when this tall return missionary came walking in ready for hiking. I had no idea we were hiking. But, we stuck together each week as we hiked around Utah. He loved my backpack full of snacks and I loved having a friend to chat with as we hiked. 
This was the building where we met!
Enjoying some delicious BYU ice cream in the Wilkenson Center.
Wedding Day!! This was the main event of our trip, Brent and Kaylie's wedding. It was an amazing experience to be a part of the entire day's events. Our kids loved every minute of it. Kaela was brave enough to watch a ton of kids in Uncle Don & Aunt Laura's camper (Thanks Gages!!) while we went to the Temple.
Lots of beautiful girls.
I love to see the temple! I love any chance my children get to be at the temple. Brennley especially loved seeing Brent and Kaylie taking wedding pictures. She started talking about getting married someday and looking like a princess like Kaylie.
Lucy & Kaela
Lucy & McKay
Lucy LOVES Uncle Don!!! I absolutely love this picture. We sure love our Uncle Don!
The precious couple! Congrats Kaylie & Brent! Thanks for giving us an excuse to come out to Utah.
Exploring the Conference Center. I am so excited for General Conference this weekend!

Yummy dinner with the beautiful couple!

Super fun ending to an amazing day. Brennley, McKay, and Lucy danced the night away. We had an unforgettable trip to Utah. Thank you to all the many people who helped me survive 2 weeks with 4 kiddos. Thanks Gage family for opening your home to all of our craziness. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Grammy Stephens comes to visit

It's always fun when Grammy comes, when Grammy comes HOORAY! Dad was pretty excited for Grammy to try out the new lawn mower. 
Grammy traveled all the way from California to meet sweet baby Hally. We are so blessed to have Grammy come to visit. 
Story time with Grammy. Our kids love getting Grammy's special attention. 
Hally 1 month old. Our amazing ward back in Texas threw us a going away party. We love all of our Texas souvenirs.  
Brennley wants to be a big helper with Hally. I use the baby bjorn carrier a lot and Brennley has begged to carry Hally on her. She said it is not fair that moms get to do all of the fun stuff. 
Pat has kept his Micro Machines from when he was a little boy. We have moved them with us for the past ten years, keeping them very safe. Now, he finally pulled them out for McKay to enjoy! It was a big day at our home. Now, McKay will ask Dad pretty frequently when they can play Micro Machines together. He has to be so careful with them and he does a great job. He is very responsible and loves getting to play with this special toys with Dad.
Hally started interacting more around 1 month old. It really changes when babies start to respond to you. Hally is so tender and loves when we talk to her and she will try to coo back at us. 
One of the fun things we did with Grammy was go to Hobby Lobby to spend the gift cards she gave the kids for Christmas. It was so much fun going shopping together. There were so many fun things to choose from. McKay chose this pump style rocket. It was very exciting. 
*Happy 4th of July*
We celebrated the 4th by going to Uncle Jon and Aunt Lauralynn's home. We enjoyed some swimming and a little lightning and thunder storm and then some more swimming with amazingly delicious food! We like to party! 

Grandma Lifferth enjoying happy Hally.
Lucy getting snuggles from Grammy Stephens.
Brennley doing a perfect twirl into the pool!
Yummy food.....with the pool.....can't get much better!!!
Lolo is hilarious! We all had our babies strapped to us, so Lauralynn strapped her "baby" to her for the picture. Love these sistas and all of my sistas!
Grandma organized a watermelon seed spitting contest! The cousins had so much fun spitting all of their seeds. We are so blessed to live near so many great cousins!
Lucy loved getting to play with Dad in the pool. Whenever Dad is home, he is a celebrity! The kids swarm him and want to show him everything. It is sweet. 
Happy 4th of July! This is the first year we have been able to buy and shoot off fireworks. We couldn't shoot them off at our home in Texas, so we were looking forward to a little fireworks show this year. 
I have been wanting our kids to enjoy sparklers for a few years now. It was so much fun watching them figure them out for the first time. 
Happy Hally on her blessing day, July 5th 2015. 
Lucy, McKay, Brennley, and Hally on the blessing day. 

This is not everyone who came to join us for Hally's special day. It was a touching site to watch all of the priesthood holders who came to be a part of Hally's baby blessing. I am so thankful to have an amazing husband who honors the priesthood and stays worthy to be able to bless our family with it. He is a tender father and it brings me so much joy to see him spending so much sweet time with our children, Thank you to all of the family and friends who were able to come and support our family.
Cooking with Grammy. Whenever anyone is cooking or making something at the kitchen counter, Lucy immediately runs up and asks if she can help. She wants to be involved and see what is going on. Even if I am just throwing a bag of popcorn in the microwave, she will ask, "Can I help you make it?"
Just enjoying the summer time, swimming suits, sprinklers, and popsicles with Grammy.

*SISTERS* Brennley and Lucy share a room with bunkbeds. Recently, Lucy has asked to sleep in Brennley's bed. For school, Brennley has to wake up really early (5:40ish). So, we told Lucy she could sleep with Brenn on the weekends. Lucy asks almost every day if it is a school night. It is really cute.  I love seeing them snuggled up together. 
Another highlight from Grammy's trip was a train ride downtown. We are pretty lucky to live so close to the trainstation. It is a great deal to ride downtown and kids under 5 ride FREE! So, the kids rode with Grammy downtown and met up with Dad for some fun. Grammy is very brave to take these three crazy kiddos on the train. They loved every minute of it. 
We had to introduce Grammy to Chik-fil-A. She had never been there, so we all went out and enjoyed some delicious chicken, I love any excuse to enjoy Chik-Fil-A, it is amazing! Grammy, thanks so much for such a wonderful trip. You made it so fun and we feel honored that you came so far to spend time with our family, We love you!! :) 
One last happy Hally piture. She is smiling at her sweet Daddy!