Stephens Kids

Stephens Kids
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Monday, February 24, 2014

February Fun

Best buds!!! Lucy and McKay have developed a very tender and rough relationship. McKay can be so sweet and caring with Lucy and then turn around and push her down just because, "I wanted to play with her." He is very aware of her needs and whenever he hears her crying on the monitor, he will quickly make sure I know that she is crying and run to open her door. Today, she was crying and he went into her room to make her happy and climbed into her crib. She was thrilled to have her best buddy! 
Our little cowgirl!! Brennley absolutely loves her cowgirl boots and wears them every chance she gets. She is growing so much and is so beautiful! We love our big girl! 
We had a snow day, but we called it an ICE day. It was so fun to have Brennley home for the day. The kids loved putting on all the layers of winter clothes and playing on the slippery driveway and eating icicles. Well, McKay did not like putting on layers, it brought him to tears to have two pairs of pants on. 
Out little super hero - BATMAN! He is constantly "saving the day"! If he isn't tying me or Lucy up, he is pretend fighting the "bad guys". 
This is Brennley's favorite outfit. I think she has a pink shirt for every day of the week. But, she loves the skinny jeans from Aunt Shauna and her rockstar shirt. She loves clothing, shopping, and especially shoes. We had a chat about high heels and she is now wearing them to church on Sundays and feels so special. She is such a lady. I asked if she wanted to wear one of her polos to school today and she said she doesn't feel girly when she wears those. I had never heard her say something like that before. I guess things are changing. Our little girl is growing up. :(
Lucy Goose! Man, this little girl is so fun! It is mesmerizing to watch her every day. She is changing so much and is learning more and more all the time. She is snuggly, she LOVES giving hugs and kisses. She will run up and wrap her arms around our legs and squeeze tight. She is also our screamer! I don't know how she doesn't get a headache from all that screaming. She isn't crying, she just screams out in short bursts, usually between 4-6pm. Tough time! 
My water bottle is the community water. Every time Lucy sees it, she will say, "Uh, uh, uh" and grab for it. McKay and Lucy seem to drink all day.
Cutie pie!
Lucy loves baby dolls now. She will pick them up, give them bug hugs and then rock them. The cutest was when I was in the shower and she came to the side, pushed the curtain aside, so that she could show me her baby. She is so tender! She has also learned how to fold her arms for prayer time. She has done it a few times now and is so proud of herself afterward. She is growing up so fast. 
Coldy - coldy! Layering up to play in the cold together. McKay loves Brennley so much and misses her so much when she is at school, that when she gets home, he will usually do whatever she wants to do. She loves to be in charge, and he loves having a big buddy. 
One night at dinner, Lucy started pointing at the table saying her usual, "Uh, uh, uh." I thought she wanted my water, so I passed it to her and she waived her arms all around to say no. I finally realized that she wanted a fork to eat with, like everyone else. So, I got our little fork out for her. I put a bite of food on the fork and she cracked up, she was so excited. It was so adorable. Every time I put food on her fork for her, she would giggle. Such a big girl!
Western Day at school. Once again, the skinny jeans and boots! She was so excited for Western Day, mainly for her boots to serve another purpose. 
We had to say goodbye to our little Camry. It was a sad, sad story. We had the Camry for about 7 years and it had over 275,000 miles on it. So, we sold it for $2,500, which was great because we bought it for $3,000. We got an email the very next day saying that Camry didn't even make it home, the man had to have it towed home. We felt awful. We had it towed to a mechanic and they said the engine seized. Sad, sad story. In the end, we sold it to a man who flips cars, for $700. It was an exciting week!
McKay was so kind to share his sucker with Lucy, so Brennley decided to join in on the fun! Lucy is sporting her amazing after nap hair!
I guess we have another boot lover in our family.
Brennley has been begging to put up the sprinkler. Any day that it was over 60 degrees, she would tell me it is burning up! Wait till the Texas summer sweetie pie! So, we got to 80 degrees one day and we pulled out the swimsuits and played in the water! 
McKay loves helping mom in the kitchen. Whenever I am working at the counter, he will ask if he can get up and help me. He helps with cookies, bread, biscuits, and anything else fun!
This is a normal after school activity. Brenn loves reading and especially when she has an audience to read to. 
Snuggle time with daddy! 
Lucy loves daddy! She spends a lot of time with him. She is with him almost the whole time at church on Sundays. She takes naps in his arms and loves getting all of his attention. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Pat!

 We had a great time celebrating our fun Daddy's birthday! Happy Birthday sweetie pie! We love you so much and feel so blessed to have such an amazing, hard working, silly, fun, organized, protector for our family! 
 Brennley was thrilled to get dressed up for the party. It was a simple night with our little family. We had some delicious steak and shrimp for dinner and a super yummy carrot cake for dessert! Happy Birthday to my best friend! 
 Our super dad took McKay out with him to a job site on a Friday afternoon. It was the best thing ever for our 3year old McKay! 
My boys! I love you guys!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Lucy!

Lucy May turned 1 year old!!! Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Our Lucy is so precious! Her little personality is shining through more and more each day. She is known for her little "Oooo"s with her lips making a perfect O shape. She gives great hugs and now gives kisses. She is a DADDY'S GIRL for sure! She absolutely loves Brennley and McKay. She is learning sign language and now knows: milk, more, eat, sleep, and sort of knows cracker. I have always thought she was intelligent because she seem to always be observing what was happening around her. She took her first steps a few days before Christmas and can now walk across a room, especially if Dad is on the other side. Seriously, she seems to have a seizure when Dad comes home from work she is thrilled out of her mind! 
It was such a blessing to celebrate Lucy's birthday in California with our family. 
This little britches was pretty excited for her cake. When we went shopping for the party supplies, Brennley had a great idea. She suggested that we let Lucy choose what kind of cake she wanted. So, we held a vanilla cake box and a chocolate cake box in front of her and she jumped at the chocolate one. We made a big chocolate cupcake for her, but it did not turn out as well, so she ended up getting both chocolate and vanilla.
I love these BIG eyes!
Some of the party crew
Lucy is a great sharer, I think it comes with being the third child. So, she wanted to share some cake with Aunt Ya-Ya. The funny thing is that we have this same picture from Brennley's 1st birthday, sharing some cake with Aunt Ya-Ya. Special!!
McKay had to stick his lips on the cupcakes and taste a little more frosting. Mmmmm!
Happy Birthday sweet Lucy!
Sweet snuggles from Grammy
I really love this picture. Mikaela looks gorgeous, but also, Lucy is so sweet looking at Kaela. Since it takes Lucy a long time to warm up to people, this was a big deal to get a happy moment with Kaela.
We celebrated Lucy's birthday on New Year's Eve!! Happy New Years! I love these gals! I miss them so much!It is so nice being around the Gages. They are sweet and loving and sooo much fun!
Playing with cousin Brent
McKay spent most of the afternoon and evening playing with Ryan aka Spiderman! It made McKay feel so special and loved to get Ryan's full attention and Ryan did everything McKay wanted him to. 
Aunt Kelly always makes things fun for the big girls! She did nails with the girls during the party. Thanks Aunt Kelly! This is one of Brennley's favorite girly things to do.
Nighttime snuggles
Game time!
Grammy snuggled with the girls as they stayed up WAY too late! Miss Brenn was so wiped out after staying up until 10pm. Thanks Grammy for snuggling my sweetie pie.
Who loves the Gages?!?!?!?! WE DO!! 
Brent and Dave taught us some fun new ways to give hugs. We were dying laughing! Hilarious!
It was so hard to say goodbye to the Gages. We had so much fun playing and visiting. Can't wait to see them again! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

California Par-TAY!

We drove out to California the day after Christmas for our super cool Uncle Nick & Aunt Kelly Jo's wedding! 
Poor Patti-bear, driving straight through for 25 hours can exhaust the best of us. 
Nick & Kelly Jo's wedding was beautiful. Brenn and McKay had so much fun celebrating. Brennley was in heaven being a "flower girl". She loved wearing matching dresses with her sweet cousins. They were adorable!
The kids did so well during the pictures. 
I am so blessed to have Aunt Ya-Ya as my sister! She is the greatest! She made plans for her family to be in Cali for the BYU bowl game, which happened to be the night before the wedding. So, she offered to wake her whole family up and meet us at the temple to watch our kids. If you know me, you know I do not enjoy leaving my children. So, to have my sister there knowing that my kids would be safe with her and her amazing fun children was a huge blessing. Thanks Gage Family! 
The new and improved Stephens Family! Kelly Jo adds some beauty to our fun family!
I thought everything about the wedding was very well done, but this was my favorite part - a tailgate party in the temple parking lot. Yup, that's right, we tailgated right there! It was so fun and actually pretty classy. Grammy planned the lunch and it was soooo tasty! Tri-tip sandwiches with JDawgs sauce, clementines, chips, individual Martenelli's, and individually bagged sugar cookies with a professional "S" on them (done by Kelly). It was so delicious and perfect for our family. 
Taylor with the beautiful flower girls!
Daddy's girl, Lucy
Let the party begin! The reception was so much fun for everyone. The kids danced the whole time and we had a great time visiting with family.
Show me your muscles! Man, I love being a part of this family. It is always a party!

Like I said, the kids danced and played the whole time. McKay had to tell me three times, "Mom, I am tired, can we go home?" So, we finally had to end the party for my exhausted kiddos. 
There are so many fun things about California. One is going to visit Grandpa Baker and get a treat from his candy shop. Everyday the kids would ask to go up to Grandpa Bakers for a sucker. 
We loved all the fun cousin time. We sure miss our family when we come home to Texas. 
So precious!
For Christmas, Grammy bought the grandkids each their own Hobby Lobby gift card and we all went out shopping. Brennley and Berry bought the Rainbow Loom so they could make rubberband bracelets like Emerson. McKay got a sword and mask so he could be the superhero that is inside of him. 
After Hobby Lobby, Grammy bought Happy Meals for all the kids. What a fun day. Thanks so much Grammy! 
Another very fun thing about California is the campfire. It is so cozy always having a fire going in the backyard. It is always ready for a tasty s'more! And, Grammy took the s'more to a whole new level this year. She made fudge and used that instead of the Hershey bar. It was the best s'more I have ever had in my whole life!!! 
TRACTOR TIME!! Another crazy awesome fun thing - riding tractors on the ranch with dad! And don't forget the See's lollipop that can last for 5 hours! 

I was so happy to get to spend a little time with Laura, Don, David, Brent, Ryan, and Kaela! They are some of my most favorite people. They are so sweet and fun and kind-hearted and my kids LOVE them!
Miss Lucy was a little picky about who she wants to hold her. She chose Taylor! She would lean out and reach for him when I was holding her. She loves her big cousin Taylor!
Cutie pie!
Amazing thing #525 - NUTS!! We chopped walnuts and bought almonds while we were there. Hopefully, they will last us all year! 
And the awesomeness continues - four-wheeler rides with Aunt Kelly-Jo! 
It is not a true Stephens get-together without a Costco lunch. 
Family photos

We love our Grammy!
McKay and Brenn loved playing with Cooper!
We got our whole family on here and road around the ranch. There is something refreshing about a four-wheeler ride on the ranch.
Grammy gave us Olive Garden gift cards for Christmas, so we all went out together. Mmmm...tasty! It was so nice to visit. We love the Stephens & Wards!!