Stephens Kids

Stephens Kids
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We Love SPRING!!

 McKay and Lucy love playing games together and get along quite well. It is really fun to watch them interact and learn together. 
 Story time with Grandma. This was a fun Saturday when  Dad kidnapped Grandma and brought her to our house. We walked through the cemetary, read books, and had a fun picnic lunch outside. 
 Grandpa came to rescue Grandma and we all enjoyed dinner together!
Sweet Lucy loves snuggling, especially her Curious George and baby doll. 
We have learned about a new season here in Tennessee - SPRING! In Texas, we seemed to have summer and a cold fall. We love experiencing the different seasons here in TN. We have been outside as much as possible. McKay helped Lucy get a super hero cape on so they could play super heroes together. Lucy has learned a lot from having an older brother. I hear her say, "Here comes the bad guys," "Fight!", "Kill, kill, kill". We are working on being more gentle. But, having an older brother has made Lucy quite tough. She falls all the time, and as long as she is not really tired, she will jump up and say, "I ok."
Wendy's family night with free face painting and crafts with the Zurawskis.
On my birthday, some sweet family members came over for a delicious brunch.
Bubble machines are magical.
Thanks mom and dad for a great birthday!
Then, on Saturday, family members started slowly showing up at my house. I had a surprise birthday party and it was so nice to visit and celebrate with so many great people. Thanks everyone!
My super, amazing, romantic, spontaneous, loving hubby surprised me for our 10th anniversary by taking me to the melting pot! It was an amazing, memorable night, I love you so much Patti Bear! We have had 10 unforgettable years. I cannot believe how close we have grown together and how much we have changed together. I love where we are and the life we are living. I am so blessed!
Movie time with dad.
Brennley was in the running club that started in March 2015. She did an amazing job running the 25.2 miles before race day. On race day she had originally said she wanted our whole family to run together. Then. she saw her friends and said she would run with them. Right before the race started, Pat told Brennley he would pay her $20 if she finished in the top 5. She sprinted, gave it all she had and finished in 3rd place, as the first female finished!!! What a stud! I am so proud of Brennley. She can do anything!

McKay memorized all 13 Articles of Faith!!! After each article of faith, he earned some ice cream. At  the end, he celebrated by going to the Nashville Sounds game with Dad, Uncle Jon and Carson. 
My sweet Lucy!
During the Spring, McKay loved having me pitch to him for hours. 
We enjoyed Brennleys field day.

Fun dinner with cousins
While I was pregnant, the kids loved feeling the baby moving.
When the weather warmed up, the kids begged to put up the pool. Since it was still cool at night, we would play in the sprinkler instead. 
Awards day.....our "Aspiring Writer" award for her amazing story about our trip to Pinecrest.
Ryan and Kaela came to join us at the end of May. We were SO blessed to have them. What great examples for our children,

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Easter Fun and Closets

 Brennley's school had a Dr. Seuss parade and Brennley wanted to Be Cindy Lou. So, we made some BIG hair!
 Sleepy Lucy
 Painting time. 
 Nothing better than suckers, rainboots, puddles, and siblings!
 Dad teaching Brennley how to mow the lawn. She loves time with Daddy. 
 One morning, we were getting breakfast ready and I peeked in the den and saw Lucy leaned back, just reading her Micky Mouse book. So cute!
 This is Brennley's "Star Gazing" area in her room. She has a cute spot by the window and Dad made a little bed for her there. If you look closely, McKay has hidden in here to sleep by Brenn. He does not like sleeping alone and will ask most nights if he can sleep in Brenn's room. 
 My amazing, SUPER-TALENTED husband at work in our home. One night he came home to find that our entire closet of wire shelves had come crashing down. So, the first big project...a new closet. And, he did not just get the job done, he made amazing shelves that are built to last. But, this doesn't surprise me. Pat always does his very best work! This is not the finish product. You can see the last of the wire shelves on the left there.
 Painting can be very fun with a 2 year old :)
 We loved the fun Easter Egg Hunt at the church. I stayed with Lucy and we searched for a few minutes and I asked her if she wanted more eggs or if she thought she had enough. She said, "Enough." She was too excited to eat the yummy candy of course.
 Another fun thing about our home is being able to shoot the potato gun whenever we want! YAHOO! Even Grandma got to try it out. That thing is so fun!
 The Zurawskis were so kind to take us to the ZOO! Our kids were thrilled! And yes,although you cannot tell, Shauna just had a baby less than a month before this picture. Baby Violet was a trooper!
 All the cousins enjoying the Kangaroo area.
 Brennley's favorite part was the petting zoo, even though one of the goats tried eating her clothes.
 Lucy was enjoying the swing when the mom next to us pulled out her camera to take a picture of her child. So, Lucy insisted that I get a picture of her too. 
Lucy loves Daddy and loves giving hugs!! So tender!

Pat finished our closet and it is amazing, of course. He built everything from scratch and it is so organized, I love it!
We love Easter! We enjoyed coloring eggs and many Easter egg hunts.
Lucy found her basket Sunday morning and was so excited for all of the treats!
Happy Easter!

On Easter Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa invited everyone over for an Easter feast and Easter egg hunt for the grandkids. It was so nice to be around family!
Everyone searching for eggs. I truly love Easter, I believe it is the true JOY of the gospel. Because Christ was resurrected, we will live again! There is so much hope through our Savior Jesus Christ, and this gives meaning to our everyday lives! We are so blessed!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


 Brennley had a fun Daddy Daughter dance for Valentine's Day. She was so excited to get all dolled up and get to go out with Dad. They had so much fun dancing the night away! Pat is always so involved, our children are blessed to have him!!
 Brennley had to give her very first presentation at school and she worked really hard on it. It was for Black History Month and she memorized her presentation. Her teacher was blown away! I am so proud of Brenn for always working so hard and giving her best effort at school.
 Yummy heart waffles to celebrate Valentine's day! Pat and my Mom and Dad gave me the beautiful roses :)
 Enjoying every second of Grandpa and Grandma.
 Grandma making us a yummy southern breakfast. 
 We confirmed that the moving truck would be coming to our home on February 17th as planned, even though we were in the middle of a terrible ice storm. So, on Monday, February 16th, we drove really slowly with Grandma and Grandpa following us out to our new home. We slept there on our air mattresses and had a little pizza picnic that night. We figured it would be easier than rushing out there early in the morning for the moving truck. 
 We experienced some really cold, snowy, icy days at our new home. Brennley had quite a few snow days, then went to school for one day, then had a few more snow days. It was really nice having her home to help move in. What a blessing!
 This is the view from our front porch. 
 We were so lucky to have cousins come over, bring us dinner, and visit. We have so much love and support here, it is wonderful! It was extra nice for the kids because we have been at home so much, unpacking, and kind of stuck because of icy roads.
 More fun cousin play time. Thanks y'all!
 Brennley was really excited to start her new school. One big step for Brenn is that she is able to ride the school bus, which she has always wanted to do. So, she gets picked up right by our mailbox and dropped off there too. It is really easy and she loves it!
 There are so many things that we love about our home. One of these is the fire pit that was already here. McKay was especially anxious to have a fire. We had to wait for the snow and ice to melt away, so he would ask almost every day if it was warm enough to have a campfire. 
 Bring on the marshmallows.
 I love having so much space outside for our kids to explore and be kids! These three children are my JOY! They have adjusted so well to all of the big changes we have been through. We are so blessed.
 Even Dad gets to enjoy a well roasted marshmallow.
 The whole family....for now......
 My sister and I were prego together for a little while and it is really fun being close by to enjoy her friendship and being able to relate about all the fun pregnancy/baby stuff. We love our momma!
 Sisters...matching jammas (as Lucy says)
 Shortly after we moved in, we started potty training Lucy. She has been interested for a long time now, but I didn't want to start with all of the moves we were going through. She picked out Frozen panties and loves putting them on in the morning. But, she is quite opinionated, and she has to be the one calling the shots. She is doing great with going potty! She is such a happy, fun, full of personality girl!
 Brennley and McKay loved playing in the snow. They played outside until their hands were frozed and would come warm up and then head back out. I loved seeing them try to sled for the first time and working together to build a snow man. It is so neat that they get to experience snow!
 Sitting on the potty, watching a movie. Lucy loves sitting on the potty. At the beginning of potty training, she would want to sit there for a long time, waiting patiently. She was in no rush. 
 Saturday morning snuggles with DAD!
 One of the best things about our home for Pat (and I reap the benefits), is the HUGE garage. He quickly set up a nice area for his wood working tools and we have already gotten great use out of it. Thanks Pat!
 We try to have Grandma and Grandpa over as much as possible. We had Grandma over to celebrate her 70th birthday! We enjoyed some time by the campfire and fun stories. Don't mind our little pantless Lucy with the double bandaids. Her poor knees are always scratched up. And of course, McKay is always ready for the camera.
 For Grandma's birthday, she wanted to do a little historic walk downtown. We loved walking and visiting with our energetic momma!
 McKay posing in front of the Batman building and Dad's work. 
 Grandma & Grandpa with a few of the grandkids.
 Free samples at the Goo-Goo Store. Yummmm...
All of a sudden, McKay has learned to pose for the camera! Mister Coolio! And Lucy was freezing! We really enjoyed being here to celebrate Grandma's big day!