Stephens Kids

Stephens Kids
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Lucy can be a Daddy's girl! She goes nuts when he comes home from work and talks about him during the day. It is so adorable. She sure loves her daddy!
I let McKay watch Superman when we got home from the library while he ate his lunch. I was washing dishes and thought that Lucy was really enjoying the movie because she was so quiet. Then, I found her like this. Poor sleepy head. 
We made our first beach trip of the summer!! It was so fun. I love the long, exhausting trip down to the beach. It is a lot of work, but the time at the ocean is so worth it! The kids are in heaven playing in the sand and water. 
Lucy hanging out with her prized possession - DAD!
Our little sweetie pie!
I was spoiled for mothers day! Dad and the kids made this beautiful breakfast with fun gifts! Also, Pat made an amazing dinner. He grilled pork chops and made a new strawberry glaze to go on top. It was so delicious!
May was filled with exciting events at Brennley's school. One was the Kindergarten performance. She was so thrilled!
She was a carrot and had a speaking part. They only picked three kids from each class to speak and she was chosen. She memorized her part about the flowers being so beautiful! She was perfect!
Lucy enjoyed climbing all over mom and dad during the performance.
Lucy goes to bed so well. We lay her down and she snuggles up with her bear, like this. It is so adorable. She is so tender. 
More daddy kisses. She put on her beautiful jewels for dad. 
Snuggle time. McKay loves to pretend bedtime with Lucy. She goes right along because she absolutely loves McKay! Their relationship is so sweet to me. They are true best friends. They fight like brother and sister and love like brother and sister. 
Show me your muscles Lucy!! Lucy has started showing us her muscles because she has a big brother who likes to show his muscles. So, she puts all of her strength into flexing, which causes her to shake. So fun!
Walking to school on FIELD DAY! One of favorite memories from Brennley's school year is walking to school. This is the best time to be with my children, chatting and exploring. I loved hearing Brennley explain what is going on at school and the choices other kids are making and her thoughts about them. She is a great girl and so smart!
Running a little dizzy after spinning around the baseball bat with her teacher.
I love my Brennley!
Perfect frisbee toss!
Me and my girls. I am the luckiest mom in the world! I love these girls so much. 
Circle skirts! I found this tutorial on how to make circle skirts and I LOVE them. I wanted to make one for myself, but I didn't have fabric that was long enough. Anyways, they are perfect for twirling. 
We hung out on the grass one Sunday afternoon and then decided to take a picture, Lucy was not happy about it. 
Our little baker. McKay loves cooking, baking, and creating in the kitchen. He helped make the cupcakes for Memorial Day. 
Lucy loves to read. She is growing up every day and learning so much. She watches Brennley and McKay very intently and tries to follow their example. 
Makeup time!
The greatest thing happened to us on May 30, 2014 - Laura, Ryan, and Mikaela came to Texas!! It was so amazing! We miss the Gages so much and were in heaven having them all to ourselves. Thanks so much Ya-Ya! McKay and Laura were icing their owies. McKay had a strep infection that went to his knee and caused him to limp for about 2 weeks. It was so sad. 
McKay couldn't wait for Ryan to wake up, so he pulled him out of bed and down the stairs to start the day. 
Mikaela and Brennley! 
Six Flags :) We spent the whole day riding rides and enjoying the waterpark. It was so much fun. McKay had his best buddie, Ryan and Brennley had her idol, Mikaela. 
When I saw this picture, it brought back memories. I have a picture of me doing this exact pose when I was in high school. Precious!!
Riding the roller coaster! Thanks Ryan and Kaela for such a fun day!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Fun With Grammy

Grammy arrived on my birthday, so we all went to Red Robin for my free birthday burger. My husband enjoys getting a reaction, so he did not feel the need to pose nicely for the picture. McKay thought Dad was hilarious!
We took Grammy shooting, she is a natural!
Patters teaching Brenn some gun safety. 
We loved having Grammy here. It was so fun for our kids to spend some time with Grammy. They were attached to her, even Lucy warmed up to her very quickly and loved snuggling with Grammy. 
This is us...... :)

Happy 9th Anniversary baby! We had a blast for our anniversary celebration! Since Grammy was in town, we spent the night away. We went swimming, hot tubbin', got some Sonic at 11pm, watch movies, and had so much fun together! I am so blessed to be married to the most hard working, talented man in the world. It is really amazing how much our marriage has grown in nine years. I really feel like we are learning so much from each other. We are very different and I am learning a lot from Pat's strengths. I love you Pat!
Easter Egg Hunt! We went to the primary Easter egg hunt. It was Lucy's first one and she jumped right in. She moved slowly but loved every piece of candy. For a few weeks after Easter, she would run up to the refrigerator (because the candy was on top of the fridge) and rub her chest to make the sign for please. She loves candy, of course.

Time to color Easter eggs. 
The treats!
Finding eggs in the backyard on Easter morning. So exciting!
Happy Easter!

Confetti Eggs for FHE
Pat and his momma! She is looking pretty amazing, huh!

Family night at the park.
Lunch with Dad and Grammy at the park. 
My sweet, adorable Lucy May
Yummy Texas BBQ
A visit to the temple.

Pool fun. Lucy May is following in her Grandma Shirley May's foot steps. Lucy only got in the pool for a few minutes. She spent the majority of the her time walking around. She would go get something from our bag and bring it to us. She just walked around the whole time. Then, she bent over for a second and saw water dripping from her bummy and tried to catch it. So funny!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Brennley read one of our Spanish books, Cowboy Jose in her best Spanish accent.
McKay was asked to give his first talk in Primary about how following the Prophet blesses families. In his talk he says, I can show love by sharing with my sister. So, we tried taking a picture of him sharing with his sister and this is one of them. Hilarious! He is trying to smile while giving her a toy. McKay was so brave and gave his talk like a pro! I was so very proud of him for being brave!
I had the very best Mother's Day! Thanks Pat, Brennley, McKay and Lucy! Pat made delicious pancakes for breakfast, a tasty sandwich for lunch, and grilled pork chops with a strawberry garlic glaze for dinner. Man, I have an amazing family! I am so blessed.